A marriage proposal to dream of…

For weeks, no actually for months already, you walk around with the desire to ask your girlfriend if she wants to get married to youBut how do you deal with it. You are not a very creative person but in you heart you are very romantic but you do not know how to convert your romantic feelings to one great unique idea. And that is what you need, because your girlfriend deserves the best!

Just stop thinking and struggling with ideas that are not going to happen. Because we at Island Weddings Ibiza are happy to help you, we who have made our profession from the romance. We realize for you and your girlfriend the most wonderful experience ever !

It starts with taking your girlfriend to Ibiza, just on holiday to a beautiful sunny area. Beautiful beaches, charming places, pretty harbors, good food. Guarantees a great time together.

One evening a VIP car comes to pick you up for a romantic ride. Your girlfriend, who is already completely overwhelmed by this super romantic gesture, gets on board. You are driven by your driver to a beautiful secluded golden sand beach. When you get off you see a white tent on the beach, with voiles and colorful cushions on the floor. The road to it is marked by burning torches. The sun slowly sinks towards the turquoise sea and your girlfriend is already in all states, because she knew you were romantic, but she did not expect so much talent for taking care of a great evening … so hey … you really can not go wrong with her anymore!

The cocktails are ready and after you have toasted on this beautiful evening you open together the picnic basket that is ready and custom made for you. This picnic basket is filled to the brim with all sorts of super nice things. Drinks, canapés, sweets… You are enjoying yourself to the fullest and after you have finished eating and you are together in each other’s arms you are enjoying all and the moment there. Then you take the box out of your bag and asks her the urgent question …. we do not have to guess the answer anymore …

And so you see that everyone, with a little help, can be a Don Juan. If the conditions are good and in Ibiza the conditions can not be bad then such a special wish as this is not difficult to make for the crew of Island Weddings Ibiza.

Need inspiration for the marriage proposal itself? Our top 10 marriage proposals idea’s will help you further!

We are going on vacation!Surprise your partner with a Ibiza trip of which he or she does not know anything. Contact IWI tell us your idea and ask for her hand on the island.

Romeo & JulietBuy a poetry book and cut a small square from the pages and place the engagement ring in there. Stick a little bit of tape under the ring so that it does not fall out. Pack the book nicely and give it as a gift to your girlfriend.

The ring in the bottle

Take a romantic beach walk and ‘find’, with a little help from IWI, a washed-up bottle on the beach. On the note is a personal message for your dear then you go on your knees.

High in the air

A plane flies over with the text ‘Dearest … Do you want to marry me?

Happy Valentine!Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to ask your dearest to marry you. Make it a completely romantic day and ask him or her to marry at the end of the day on a unique romantic location or venue

O Sole MioooooLet two musicians come and enjoy the chords of ‘your song’ then you can make your move

Say it with candlesWith a little help from our IWI team you can transform your holiday home in Ibiza into a romantic place. Make sure that your partner comes home later than you, so that you can fully prepare. In the hallway are all burning tea lights and in the living room a large burning heart of tea lights. IWI arranges a private chef for you and you ask your partner to marry you during this romantic evening.

A balloon, a balloon, a balloonArrange an hot air balloon flight, thru IWI, and take with you a delicious bottle of champagne with some Canapés up in the air. There, high up in the blue sky, with that romantic view you ask her.

The name is Bond …Do your proposal in luxury style. You only get the opportunity to do your proposal well. So also think well about your outfit.

Sailing over the barsTake a boat trip along the beautiful Ibicenca coast on a real Spanish white boat to the most magical sunset, a picnic basket and with your favorite music, your day and your marriage proposal can not go wrong.

Written by Astrid IWI crew x