Professional hostesses for your event is, THE new trend !!


Certainly! If you’re planning a wedding, wedding proposal, or professional event in the Balearic islands, here’s the new trend.


Our HOSTESS SERVICE is an excellent addition to your unique wedding, wedding proposal and corporate event in Ibiza. Our services are also available in Spain, the Balearic Islands and in The Netherlands. We provide the hostesses services for you to create memorable and engaging experiences that reflect the unique characteristics of your events and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Bilingual Hostesses

Ibiza attracts a diverse international crowd, so having hostesses who speak English, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish is a warm welcome to your guests and ensures seamless communication and assistance, regardless of their native language.

Inspired attire hostesses

Personalized dress code reflects the elegant vibe of your event and can add a touch of local flair. Hostesses attending your event will customize needs and preferences and provide individualized assistance to your VIP guests, enhancing the overall experience.

Interactive Engagement

The hostesses will engage with your guests in a friendly and interactive manner creating a welcoming atmosphere. This could involve offering personalized recommendations for local attractions, providing information about cultural events happening on the island, or facilitating interactive activities during your event.

Tech-Savvy Support

In today’s digital age, tech-savvy hostesses who are comfortable using software’s, digital check-in systems, and mobile apps can streamline registration processes and improve the efficiency of your event. They can also provide technical support to guests who may need assistance with accessing Wi-Fi, charging stations, or digital event materials.

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