Your professional in a total package.

A wedding planner helps with the organization of your wedding and these tasks can vary greatly.
Organizing a wedding takes a lot of work and a wedding planner can take a lot of tasks off your hands so that you can worry-free towards your big day.

But what is the difference between a wedding planner and a master of ceremonies and what fits best with your wishes and on your wedding day in Ibiza?
A completely customized package, support on your wedding day or only mediation? Would you just like a consultation with possibly a later expansion of our services?

We are happy to tell you more about this.

Master of Ceremonies

The master of ceremonies plays a crucial role in the success of your wedding, she is as it were only the director on your big day and ensures that everything runs smoothly so that you do not have to worry about anything throughout the day.

The master of ceremonies also acts as a contact person for guests and suppliers. It is an important task, which requires hours of preparation and full attention to the role on the wedding day. This task is discussed and prepared in advance with the bridal couple. This includes drawing up a supplier list, informing the guests about the program a long time in advance, guiding the suppliers, guiding the guests, announcements and ensuring that the gifts or forgotten items end up with the bridal couple and the guests.

In addition to these tasks, there are other things that your master of ceremonies can arrange for you. So keep in mind that the person you ask for this task will be busy on your day. So never ask your mother, sister or best friend, because they will want to enjoy the day just as hard as you do.

By hiring a master of ceremonies you can be sure that the wedding runs smoothly and that all your guests can enjoy it all day.


If you want to involve us in the entire organization of your wedding, we are happy to offer our all-in wedding planner service. From day one we advise and assist you and guide you through all the steps required to make it an unforgettable wedding in Ibiza. Following a personal conversation as we discuss your wishes that we will work out completely.

During an introductory meeting you will receive information about our method and your dreams, ideas and wishes will be discussed, after which we will prepare a clear offer. This way it is clear how your dream day should be filled. If it clicks and the quotation is approved, we will get to work with great enthusiasm for you!

Our service

We advise you about the wedding location (s) and various other suppliers and ensure that you do not overlook any details. After this you will receive all the advice so that the wedding day parts can be fixed.

We request quotes and go to discussions with suppliers or take care of this for you. We read the offers and contracts and mediate where necessary. After the wedding location has been set, we will work out your wishes step by step. We think along with you about how the day will be organized and draw up a scenario and budget overview for this. Of course, we are present as master of ceremonies on the wedding day itself.

Organizing the entire wedding, master of ceremonies on the wedding day itself, giving tips, tricks and advice, budget monitoring, supplier list drafting, script drafting, suppliers and time delivery, aftercare.

Have you become curious about what we can do for you? Contact us to make a no-obligation introductory meeting at a location of your choice.

Wedding day advice

Some bridal couples want to organize everything themselves around the wedding day, so what you are still looking for is someone from whom you can get personal advice or mediation in advance about one or more parts of your big day.
Island Weddings Ibiza can also help you with this.

We discuss your plans and dreams in a 2.5-hour conversation. We can advise on wedding location, daily schedule, budget overview and the preparation of the scenario. Perhaps you would like to go through the entire planned wedding day planning with someone who has an independent view of things. When you contact us for only a small support or mediation, you will be asked to indicate in advance which parts you are looking for. Of course, it is always possible to further expand our services based on this advice.

If you require preliminary work from us, we will make a portfolio with (maximum) 3 locations and a selection of suppliers whereby the availability on your wedding day has already been checked by us (more locations and / or suppliers or expansion of the work is possible at an additional cost). The costs of advice or mediation are announced in advance.

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