Weddings & Events in Ibiza

Do you dream of getting married in the Balearic Islands located in the Mediterranean turquoise sea, THE ultimate wedding on sunny, tropical and laid-back Ibiza?

An all-inclusive honeymoon, a small exclusive or a large vintage wedding held on the beach, wedding location or in a villa? Renewing the wedding vow in tropical idyll, but still close to England with only two hours of flight time.

Then we are happy to help you on your way to that unforgettable, romantic experience!

We advise you which months are the best for getting married there, what you should all be thinking about and can you now or not officially get married in Ibiza? By combining your ideas with our services, we offer bridal couples all the tools to save both time and stress.

Ibiza is also a top destination for business and private events. Active, chic, romantic or relaxing in a boho style, it’s all possible. From a beautiful beach hotel, quiet finca or luxury villa, you can start relaxing on a specially tailored day program. Leave the organization and guidance to us!

Every event is unique to us, but first we want to call you “Welcome”!

Our I.W.I. strength

Our strength lies in the fact that all our customers can count on professional support from a dedicated team of wedding & event planners. Personal contact from the first meeting, during the entire planning and during the event at the wedding location in Ibiza or anywhere you wish in the Balearics.

In addition, we organize non-committal meetings about getting married in Spain and we are represented at the Spanish fairs for all questions from bridal couples. We also offer various packages of our services. Because, what exactly is the difference between a wedding planner and ceremony master and which service best suits your needs? Only need support? Ask us, we are just 1 phone cal away..

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