Behind the scenes with Island Weddings Ibiza!

The Scene & Venue Setup

Our day begins early, with the sunrise over the stunning Ibiza valley and after months of preparation, we are READY for THE big day.

Our team gathers in a dreamy boutique venue located up north/east IBIZA, for the wedding.

THE perfect place for a romantic wedding and only for groups not bigger than 40 people.

First we start with the furniture and coordination. Everything must look picture-perfect for

the big day!! Sun umbrellas, chairs, table sets, elegant floral arrangements, the bar and the placement, the wedding cake and  among many others we are meticulously arranged.

The wedding planner ensures every detail aligns with the couple’s vision, no detail is too small.

At Midday

Our hostess receive a detailed briefing about the guests and the flow of the wedding.

They are trained to be attentive, discreet, and ensure the guests’ needs are met.

Timing is crucial and the guest reception is ready to go. The wedding planner coordinates with the team to ensure everything goes smoothly, capturing the moment with a photographer while our hostess, is busy with the final details at the bar and getting ready for the reception.

The reception for the wedding it’s decorated with a bouquet of the bride-to-be’s favorite flowers, two beautifully set tables with champagne to welcome the wedding guest with a big smile

(as we only need is Love), cold champagne and soft drinks for the kids.

It’s almost 14.30hrs in the afternoon

The reception and ceremony is about to start. As planned, the event runs on day schedule.

After all the guests have arrived, they have been asked to “take a seat”,

the ceremony is about to start.

The music starts and the bride, groom and their gorgeous children makes their way down the aisle, everyone is looking stunning.

The ceremony is heartfelt, with own personal vows and the beautiful speech of the celebrant,

it’s a dreamy set up and warm, loving experience.

After the ceremony, guests move to the reception area, where gourmet canapes will be served with suitable choices for all dietary needs, followed by picture timings, cake cutting, speeches and a lovely diner with a stunning sunset as the backdrop.

Party at Night

From 20.00 hours It’s party time!! Our team feels satisfied, the wedding has been perfect, the couple and the guest are happy and having a great time!

The evening is unforgettable and they are all dancing under the stars.

The day after

We go for a short visit to meet the just married couple, gather feedback from them and key guests to ensure continuous improvement of our services. Also ensuring all hired items are returned and no one has forgotten lost items or other things. We always work together with venues and before we leave we make sure that all what has agreed, has been done.

We celebrate the successful event of another beautiful wedding in Ibiza!

In conclusion, every day in the world of Island Weddings Ibiza event planning is unique and filled with memorable moments.

From the early morning setup to the late-night celebrations, our team is dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences for our clients.

Thank you for joining us behind the scenes! We can say…

Happiness Is Ibiza!

For many, Ibiza is a magical island, a land where dreams come true, absorbs energy from the stars, and many say that people who get married in Ibiza achieve that love succeed for life. It could sound like a cliché but “no one forgets a wedding in Ibiza”.

Getting married in Ibiza is a magical experience

And we are on our way to continue with new venues, planning special weddings, wedding proposals and hostess for our future events…

Would you like to know more and what we can do for you?

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