Wedding abroad, a customized service

Every wedding is unique and we realize that at Island Weddings Ibiza like no other. Ibiza offers many different choices for the perfect wedding day of your wish in magical, tropical atmospheres and idyllic locations.

Getting married in Ibiza, next to the sea and enjoying the sunset with family and friends is a completely unforgettable experience. The island has a special magnetism that invites celebration and enjoyment of the senses. Ceremonies are very emotional, full of light and the force of the sea. The altar is often located next to the beach, surrounded by petals and after the consecration of love, is provided with champagne while watching the sunset.

For many, Ibiza is a magical island, a country where dreams come true, absorbs energy from the stars, and many say that people who get married in Ibiza achieve that love succeed for life. It could sound like a cliché but “no one forgets a wedding in Ibiza”.

Getting married in Ibiza is a magical experience

Wedding locations

Agriturismo, beautiful old but large finca’s are often located in the countryside or high on a cliff and often have an ecological system with their own organic gardens

The beautiful certified villas that are offered especially for weddings are very affordable in the early and late season

Roof terraces of hotels. These unique & spectacular locations give you the feeling that you are at the top of the world!

Boutique Villa’s, an exquisite decor complemented by a personalized attention make every stay complete

Restaurants and beaches, located on a cliff, in a bay, right in the center or in a rural location, they are all surrounded by lush vegetation.

The Balearic Islands

A tropical island group in the Mediterranean turquoise sea; Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca and Menorca.
Island Weddings Ibiza has always focused mostly on Ibiza and has since a couple of years expanded to the Balearics.

We are happy to go on a journey with you and seek out all dreams and wishes for you. To realize your dream wedding, that is what we stand for.

Are you curious about what we can do for you? Feel free to contact us without obligation.


Is not only an important part of the wedding, it is also a broad concept.

Reception, snacks, drinks, appetizers, buffet, BBQ, dinner or the “late night snack” are just a small selection of the possibilities of catering.

We work together with a number of certified catering companies that have their own specialization such as; BBQ, French cuisine, Spanish cuisine, Surinam cuisine, gluten free and organic food.

A private chef for your event can be booked up from 2 people. In addition, we offer hostesses.


Our “All-inclusive Boat Wedding Packages” could be an ideal option for you.

The whole day you and your guests are sailing and on its way to an experience of a magical day

This top package can be compiled entirely according to your wishes.

There are different sailing boats available for different events, from small to large, we have them all in our database!

Celebration events

Do you want to celebrate in a very special luxury way? Then we would love to help you making this experience unforgettable!!

Organizing an event is quite a job but where do you start? Planning this special day with a theme is incredibly fun, but you may come across things that you could use some help, advice and experience with.

Then you’ve come to the right place! We transform your location and let it reflect the atmosphere and radiate it into all your wishes.

“Making your dream wedding come true! Island Weddings Ibiza”

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